The Toilet is my Sanctuary

I like to sit on the toilet, drink coffee and read inspirational quotes, especially first thing in the morning.  As a child, the toilet was my sanctuary; it was the only place I could go to find solitude. In most homes we lived in, the toilet was outside, an outhouse, wooden planks for a seat and typically whitewashed stone walls. The outhouse was either hot or cold depending what season of the year it was AND it always smelled of urine, always!  I remember times we used newspaper to wipe our bums, or if we were lucky we used the cheapest toilet paper IZAL.  It felt more like tracing paper than something that should be used to wipe yourself after using the toilet.

This morning as I sat on the toilet reading my daily inspirational, the prompt was ‘Writing to Learn.”  It questioned whether we learn when we write and the daily suggestion was to ‘Write something today,” so here I am – sat across the street from my house, sipping on a Station Margarita, writing something.

Writing as always been important to me.  I crave it.  I crave it from other people. I love for someone to share their feelings in a hand-written letter, such a rare gift these days.  It’s beautiful to me to see words on paper, words that flow from a person’s mind out into the world, or in particular, to me!

I have loved women in my life who  could write their feelings so beautifully and passionately on paper.  I was always so moved by them, deeply moved.  That someone would take the time to share what they were thinking and feeling meant so much to me.  It connected me to them, not just in the moment that I would read their words, but even now, years later, I can still quote words they shared with me and they still cause my heart to warm and my body to ache to be near them ….

And so this is what I wrote today and it will mean something to someone …










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