Bio: I come from an incestual past. I learned to forgive, and was able to so do while he was still alive. Few of us are afforded the fortune to do so, rather we are left to carry the burdensome guilt throughout our lives. I can't imagine how my life would be, and who I would be if I had never forgiven him; if he had never taken responsibility and owned his sickness. In his dying days he shared with me that what he had done to me was his greatest regret in life. He was worried about leaving me here without him, afraid of how I would cope, he had been my protector in a very sick and yet understandable way. His death freed me to be open about what had transpired. He knew I was going to write about him, and being the kind soul that he was, he hoped that by my writing I would be able to help others who had experienced similar happenings. I miss my dad.

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