Time Waits For NoOne ….

I want to stop time! Life is too fast. Years are rolling by so much faster than I care to embrace. There is no time to feel, to heal, to reflect, to ponder, to regret, to abhor, to adore. Time is intangible. I can’t grasp it, or twist it, or taste it. Instead, I let go, I give up, I surrender that life is passing me by, that time has left me behind, that I will never catch up or catch a breath, or sit and listen to the birds singing or the waves crashing, or a thunder rolling and lightning flashing, rather I catch glimpses of a far away feeling, a memory just out of reach, a love I used to know, a pet I called my friend. I gather sadness as though I am picking daisies in a field, I chase rainbows only to find at the end there is no pot of gold, I follow paths that lead to nowhere and search for a stop watch so I can stare as the hands pass by the numbers, all the while ticking and taking away time.

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